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esther kalaba

Esther Kalaba, M.A., AATQ, is an Art Therapist, Visual Artist, and Kundalini yoga teacher currently in private practice in Montreal. Her belief is that creativity is an essential life skill that extends far outside the studio space. Her mission is for you to create your life based on how you want to live and be in the world. She is passionate, enthusiastic, and has applied art therapy in many diverse community settings, such as domestic violence shelters, working with trauma survivors, adults with mental health issues, and developmental delays, sexual abuse survivors, and bereavement. Her textile project, Collecting Loss Weaving Threads of Memory, gained high acclaim and presented a poignant way to approach the death of a loved one through community and through the arts. Her approach is holistic, combining traditional psychology/psychotherapy techniques, yoga, meditation, and the creative arts. She has studied with numerous teachers from many different traditions all over the world and has witnessed that when you connect with your inherent creativity, you become vibrant, alive, and happy! And happy people = a happy world!

marie - Emilie louis

Marie-Emilie Louis is from Belgium and has been doing theatre since she was a teenager. She holds a BA in Psychology and as Masters in Dramatherapy. She has been passionate about working with women and helping them express themselves in various community settings such as prisons, shelters, and women’s centers. She works with new immigrants and also incest survivors. She offers group and individual therapy since 2011. More about her and about drama therapy can be found at:  http://www.dramatherapie.ca



Rosaruby Glaberman

Rosaruby Glaberman, M.A., CCPA, is a drama therapist, personal development counselor, and professional theatre artist. She facilitates numerous psychosocial workshops and trainings, centering on embodied therapeutic practices and interpersonal awareness training.  She promotes the practice of authentic communication as essential in maintaining emotional health, enriching the connection and enjoyment of oneself and others.

catherine emmanuelle - drapeau

Catherine Emmanuelle-Drapeau, M.A., AATQ, CATA

As an art therapist from a humanistic/psychodynamic approach, and art educator, my practice is strongly concerned with the relationship between creative expressions, self-awareness, and the healing of trauma (abuse, harassment, bullying, etc.) or other mental health (depression, anxiety, self-esteem, etc.) related emotional and interpersonal difficulties. My perspective as an art therapist is grounded in the concept of empowerment, or the capacity of the individual to determine and communicate his/her needs, and to act upon them as an agent of self-actualisation. More specifically, my therapeutic approach embraces openness to the process of creative expression which prompts an exploration of various creative routes (visual arts, movement, creative writing, and others).  Services offered to adults.


Samantha Abdallah

Samantha Abdallah, M.A., AATQ, is an art therapist, counsellor, and artisan. Her strong belief in the healing powers of creative expression has fuelled her passion and commitment to her work as an art therapist. She has worked in many diverse settings such as elementary and high schools, shelters for adults with mental health issues and for young adults in difficulty, centres for adults with substance abuse issues, residential treatment centres for adolescents, with survivors of abuse, and with individuals from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. She believes in, what she calls, the 4 Cs of art therapy; that it is a more authentic and natural form of Communication, that the creative process can facilitate Catharsis or a sense of ''release'', that the artworks created can Contain intense emotions or experiences, and that the art therapy environment encourages a strong sense of Connection between the client and therapist. She has had the great pleasure of witnessing the positive effects creative expression can have on the lives of her clients.

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